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What is it?

Telephone Timesheets is a clock in by phone system, with automatic call out reminders for late employees. Telephone Timesheets is cloud based, so supervisors track the status of all scheduled employees from any mobile device or computer with a web browser. The system tracks time & location, and automatically sends you the reports you need to track your employees daily, and to run payroll according to your pay periods.

Who's it for?

Field-based employees who need to check in and check out through a land line or mobile phone. Using our simple, fast, location-aware, dial-in system, employees can punch in and punch out using the telephone keypad. English, Spanish, and French languages are supported. Our customers include janitorial services, cleaning services, home health care services, hospice care services, and many other companies with employees who clock in and clock out remotely

What makes it better?

Telephone Timesheets is the only app-less, self-learning, time tracking solution on the market. That means no setup for you, and no training for your employees. If they can place a phone call, and respond to a text message, they are ready. Your employees start calling immediately. When they do, we will automatically add them to the system and check them in and out, and you will get automatic reports on hours worked per employee and per job.

No Credit Card Required

30 Day Free Trial

Flat per-user pricing

Flat per-user pricing of per month makes Telephone Timesheets the most affordable time tracking solution available. You will never have to worry about per-call charges. Telephone Timesheets is the only telephone time and attendance solution with a simple per-user price. We offer the lowest price solution on the market today.

QuickBooks Integration

Telephone Timesheets supports integration with either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, making setup and payroll fast and simple. QuickBooks integration also enables you to import and synchronize your employees, customers, and service items. You will never have to manually enter timesheet data in order to run payroll. Telephone Timesheets exports this data to QuickBooks with a mouse-click.

Easy and fast check-in

Easy and fast check-in process. No job codes to remember. Our system knows why your employee is calling in based on the schedule and the location they are calling from. No complicated apps to work with and no smart phones required. The system even knows what language (English, Spanish, or French) to use based on the employee's preference.